Schools in the coastal waters from inshore to edge of shelf. Prefers clear water with salt in minimum temperatures below 24°C. Juveniles tend to stay in nursery areas, but on maturity rejoin adult stocks offshore. Strongly migratory, often rising to surface at night and dispersing. Feeds mainly on zooplankton, especially copepods. Juveniles take phytoplankton. Breeds perhaps throughout the year, but with distinct peaks. In some areas there are two main spawning periods.

  • Trim: HGT (Headed, Gutted, Tail off)
  • Freezing: ship frozen / land factory frozen

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Max length : 27.5 cm SL male common length : 20.0 cm SL male. Form schools, usually at depths of 25 to 55 or even 100 m by day, rising to 10 to 35 m at night. Feed mainly on planktonic crustaceans, also on larger organisms. Spawn in batches, in the open sea or near […]

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Скумбрия атлантитческая

Скумбрия атлантитческая относится к виду Пелагических, широко распространена в холодных и умеренных водах Атлантического океана. Скумбрии атлантические скапливаются по величине. Они зимуют в более глубоких водах, но весной подплывают ближе к берегу, когда температура воды колеблется между 11° и 14 ° C. Две отдельные популяции, мало иои совсем не сталкивающиеся одна с другой, всетаки существуют […]

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Blue Whiting

Colour: blue-grey on the back, paler on the sides, shading to white on the belly. Sometimes a small dark blotch at base of pectoral fin. Oceanic and benthopelagic over the continental slope and shelffrom 150 to more than 1000 m, but more common at 300-400 m. Migrates in summer, after spawning, to the North (Faeroes, […]

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